Rick Smith, a mentor and friend is being inducted into the Bird Dog Hall of Fame (Grand Junction, TN) in early February. Rick, his dad Delmar, cousin Ronny and brother Tom have developed and taught the Silent Command System around the world. Many champion dogs have been trained with this system.

There are no prior seminars required for this clinic although it would be best to have an understanding about the silent command system of training. Rick will be working with each person to enhance the training that you have to best handle your dog. The seminar will be tailored to the needs brought forth with the individuals within the group.

4-10 persons in the clinic, The cost is $800. We will be taking $200 deposits to secure a spot in this seminar. It is a first come first serve basis and we will have to close the student number at 10 to ensure personalized attention to all participants.

Please feel free to contact Rick Smith @ (804)784-3882 for questions about the clinic andvKim Lewis @ Kim@masondixonoutfitters.com or (410)836-1800 to sign-up, get directions or find the nearest hotel. Checks can be made payable to MDGO.


Guaranteed If You're Not Happy, You Don't Pay! If, at any time during the seminar or after, you are not completely satisfied, simply ask for a refund and it will be given, no questions asked.


Rick Smith/ Ronnie Smith Training Seminars

Foundation Seminar: If you are looking for a better relationship with your dog, both at home and in the field, you've come to the right place. From puppyhood through the basics of being a bird dog, all the basic skills you and your dog will need can be found here.

You will be trained to train your dog , with Rick and Ronnie's guidance. You'll work with the Command Lead, check cord, and whoa post, as well as the chain. Your dog will have numerous opportunities to work birds.

Building points of contact to train with our mechanical devices.

Intermediate Seminar:   If your dog has the foundation prepared and you’re ready for the new challenge, sign up for the intermediate Seminar! You will work one-on-one with your instructor on live pigeons in field conditions. This will help you work out any basic problems you’ve been having, as well as providing your dog with numerous opportunities to hunt. The camaraderie, support, and fun helps everybody learn, and you’ll be amazed at the difference these finishing touches can make. Don’t miss this!

Stimulating the point of contact that has been introduced in the foundation seminar into a remote queing with an e-collar.

You owe it to your dog to participate in these great hands-on training seminars. You and your dog will both go home with confidence, or your money back! These seminars fill up quickly, so call us NOW and reserve your spot today!


Summer Training Sessions

All classes will be at least 2 hours long or will maintain until we can end each student on a successful note.
Each lesson will have at least 2 trainers and possibly up to 4 trainers working together to keep everyone engaged.
We will run each class in small group sessions with some yard work training or problem spot work and then some bird fun.
Cost- $60 per dog for instruction time and 2 birds. (If more birds are needed to make your dog successful that will be an additional charge)

Please contact us if you have any questions. We can handle a few walk-ins, but prefer for you to let us know if you are attending so that we can have help and birds lined up for the day.

We can handle a few walk-ins, but prefer for you to let us know if you are attending so that we can have help and birds lined up for the day.

Summer 2019  Schedule: 

Saturday, June 15th – Puppy/ Foundation (10-12) & Intermediate/ Advanced (1-3)
Saturday, July 20th – Intermediate/ Advanced (10-12) & Puppy/ Foundation (1-3)
Saturday, Aug. 17th – Puppy/ Foundation (10-12) & Intermediate/ Advanced (1-3)
Saturday, Sept. 14th – Intermediate/ Advanced (10-12) & Puppy/ Foundation (1-3)

Puppy/Foundation Group

Young dogs need the opportunity of exposure to birds in the field to develop their inherent prey drive. At the beginning of training the dog may require a month of PUPPY DEVELOPMENT. This ensures a young dog is excited about birds and has learned the basics of how to utilize his instincts. This level elevates the dog’s intensity of prey drive and readies them for the formal stages of training.

The FOUNDATION LEVEL begins formal training by establishing Points of Contact on the neck and flank. Through the use of the points of contacts conditioned responses are taught, thus shaping behavior or in some cases re-shaping undesired behavior. This is also when work is begun on the dog’s natural retrieve.

We introduce the pups to the chain gang, command lead, the long line and birds, birds, birds. The one big bonus for the pups on this group session is that they are building prey drive by watching the other pups work through the field and seeing the birds fly in front of them from each pup that is working.

Intermediate/Advanced Group

The INTERMEDIATE LEVEL transitions a dog from mechanical cues to remote cues in the field and ultimately verbal commands are overlaid to the conditioned response. At this level dogs are becoming steady on game, learning to honor another dogs point, and quartering on cue.

At the ADVANCED LEVEL, dogs are reaching the point of learned behavior. They learn to work scent in adverse conditions, how to look for and recognize backing situations, mark and hunt dead, retrieve, and take direction and go with you in the field.