Bird Hunting At It’s Best!

2200 Channel Rd., Pylesville, MD 21132

The cover is incredible this year. We have planted thicker and added more to the variety. Our dogs are ready for the season to begin. We have been busy with dog training, 4-H and other fun with the kids and some outside improvement projects this summer and the time has gone by quickly. These cooler days have set our sights on the fast approaching season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again. Hope the summer has been good to all.

Welcome to Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters

We offer upland game hunting in an environment that gives you the feel of hunting wild birds. We only book one hunt party on the farm at a time. We provide Pheasant, Chukar and Quail. Currently our guides, Jim , Kim, Mike, Adam and Doug work with German Shorthaired Pointers and English Pointers, English Setters, Labs & Brittney’s. We are located in Northern Harford County, Maryland.

We encourage you to hunt over your well managed dogs, although trained dogs are available with your guide. We offer gun dog training for all pointing breeds. Combining years of gun dog experience ..AND..fair assessment of it’s ability, we assist you to train your dog to become the best that it can be.

We only allow one hunting party on the farm at a time, therefore you get a private hunting experience every time. We can, however, make special exceptions for a corporate hunt with arrangements in advance. Our goal is to make each hunt as much like a natural hunt as we possibly can and we take great pride in this.

Hunting Season: October 1st – March 31st.

Birds Hunted: Quail, Chukar & Pheasant.

Location: Our preserve in Northern Harford County, Maryland .

Our farms include over 300 acres of mixed terrain including natural rolling hills with flowing streams, grasses, crop fields, thickets and wooded areas. We provide only sporty, hard flying birds at a reasonable price. We only allow one hunting party on the farm at a time, therefore you get a private hunting experience every time. We can make special exceptions for a corporate hunt with special arrangements in advance however. We make this as much like a natural hunt as we possibly can and take great pride in this.

Top quality dogs provided with the guides. Started dogs and puppies sold when available. We raise German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Brittanies and Labs.

Shell barrels are out on the preserve, please help us to keep to farm and hunting fields beautiful by depositing your empty shell casing in these receptacles provided. Thank you.


Beretta Guns

Beretta guns available to rent for your hunt @ a $15 gun rental fee.

We currently have:

12 gauges: Tekney Gold (semi-auto), Urika one with KO and one without KO (Semi-auto), Silver Pigeon II (over/under)

20 gauge: A400 Lite Max-5 (semi-auto)

Annual Youth Hunt Day event since 2003

We had a wonderful day with 38 kids in all joining for the experience for our 2016 youth day.

Thank you to all that sponsored and volunteered to make it a great day for the kids:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – Monetary donation

Jerry Rutkowski – for clay launchers and the use of the hunter safety guns

Our guides: Jim Lewis, Mike Leighty, Adam Cunningham, Trevor Lewis, Kenny Martin for donating their time and talents

Northern Chesapeake Sportsmen for kids volunteers: Barry Brown, Deek, Francis Gunns and Trisha Raye for the archery range and instruction

Shotgun Shooting instructors: Dan Kagle and Annette Ensor

Check in, pictures, set-up and food: Amber Geiger, Janet Archer and Gwyneth Hann

*** This day is only possible because of great people coming together to make it happen. THANKS!!!!

Next Youth Day

Saturday, September 16, 2017 *****If you have a conservation organization that would like to have some volunteers join this day to share your message with the kids, all are welcome. Please e-mail us or call us to let us know that you can come. Thanks!


We will provide each child with some wildlife habitat information, a gun safety lesson, Archery lesson and clay target shooting with a shooting instructors, while small groups of kids hunt with guide and dog in the open field. We will release 3 chukar per child. After the hunt we were going to have the kids come back to the pavilion and show them how to clean their birds to bag and take home. The cost will be $30 per child and we ask that we have at least one adult per every two children present. We will take at least the first 25 children and more if time allows out for the chukar hunt.

We will be meeting at the hunting preserve location.
***** We are changing the date due to being fortunate enough to be able to have the Lancaster County Longrifles Association join us with creating their encampment for the kids to enjoy at the hunting preserve.  This is a gathering of 1740-1840 Reenactors and Tradesmen creating an encampment to share period attire, housing, cooking and hunting skills. There are Black powder and Archery shoots as well as Knife and Tomahawk throwing at their rendezvous and a sampling of all of this to be shared with our youth day event.  For details about this organization, please see:


Hunting Preserve Location:

Mason-Dixon Rd., Pylesville, MD

Near intersection of Mason-Dixon Rd. and Anderson Rd


North 39.4315.26 West 76.2819.65

Agenda for the day

1PM-2PM: Whole group introductions, shotgun safety & group picture for sponsors

2PM-5PM: Break into small groups to rotate through the following:

1) Shotgun Instruction and clay shooting

2) Habitat and Food Plot information

3) Hunt chukar over some fine bird dogs

4) Archery instruction and target shooting

5) Retriever demonstration

6) Lancaster County Longrifles Association

6) Eat

Hunters Cook-out

Bring a dish, chips or beverage if you wish.

BBQ, hotdogs, baked beans & potato salad, dessert & Drinks will be provided

Please call if attending to give us an idea on the head count. We never want to run short on food and drinks!

Things to bring: Something of blaze orange to wear to the field to hunt, comfortable hiking shoes/ boots, bug spray, sun screen, 7 ½ shotgun shells, shotgun (if you need to borrow one, there will be a couple 20 ga. Shotguns and (1) .410 to borrow), water, hearing protection and shooting glasses if you have them (We will have some to borrow if you don’t have any at the shooting instruction table).

***Raindate:  September 17th (1-5)


*None Scheduled at this time*

Open to Pointers and Flushers, registered and non-registered dogs. All are welcome Contact us to pre-register.

Chukar Challenge Scoring and Rules


All runs are scored not judged.

10 points – for a point in the pointing division. (Must hold point for a minimum of 3 seconds.)
5 points – for a caught bird in all divisions.
10 points – for a bird find in all flushing divisions.
20 points – for a bagged bird in all divisions.
10 points – for a full retrieve. Hunter must keep one foot stationary until the bird is in hand. Hunter may kneel down but not lie down. If time has elapsed and a bird has been shot, the hunter has a 60 second grace period to complete the retrieve. If the retrieve is not completed within the allotted time no points will be given for a bagged bird or the retrieve. If the dog has a bird in its mouth at the end of the first 30 seconds of the grace period points will stand for points and flushes.
5 points – for a partial retrieve. The dog must find, pick up the bird, and make an attempt to bring the bird to the handler.
2 points – for each full minute left. Time is called when the last bird is in hand.
10 points – for each shell not used as long as points have been scored.
No points – will be scored until the first bird has been legally produced. (pointed or flushed, depending on division.) If no points have been scored, the run is scored as a zero.
If safety is called one shell must be discarded and there will be a two point deduction on final score.

Tie breakers will be as follows:

· First: Time when first bird is bagged.
· Second: Shells remaining
* Third: Flip of a coin.


1. NO RUNNING with a gun; grounds for disqualification.

2. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES; NO competitor or hunter will be permitted to qualify if they have consumed any alcoholic beverage or are under the influence of drugs.

3. Electric collars will be permitted. Abuse or misuse will result in immediate disqualification. Beeper collars and other training devices will not be allowed in the field.

4. NO females in heat permitted on grounds.

5. All dogs must be kept on lead and away from qualifying areas until time to qualify. Spectators will not be permitted near qualifying blinds and must be in designated areas during qualifying runs. All hunters or competitors are required to wear at least 250 square inches of blaze orange to include a hat (State Law).

6. All GUNS must be kept unloaded until at the starting line. All dogs must be heeled and on lead to and from the fields. Any dog determined by the judge to be “out of control” will be subject to disqualification.

7. The DEADLINE is the Saturday, one week before the event is run. ALL entry fees must be paid before deadline to secure qualifying times. Entries received after the deadline will be placed in time slots at the discretion of the host club.

8. When birds are being set, the next hunter(s) up must be behind blinds with dog, gun and ammunition before previous qualifying run ends. The hunter is to leave the blind and enter their bird field without contact with outside persons. Any team/hunter not in blind will be disqualified. All birds must be carried by the hunter(s) at all times and will not be permitted to be dropped off in the field.

9. Field Judges will accompany all individuals/teams into the field. Participants and judge must sign score sheet before leaving the field. Any disagreements must be worked out before leaving the field. There will be unforeseen situations arising, but ALL decisions by Field Judges or Head Marshall are FINAL – NO APPEALS. Any need for discussion must be done at the close of the event day with the judging team and will not be allowed to interfere with another contestant.

10. All birds must be chukars and shot safely in flight, unless caught by the dog. This is the only way birds may be counted for qualification. Hunters cannot pick up already dead birds and count them toward qualification. In the case where a bird is caught by the dog in Flushing or Pointing divisions, the bird is counted and a shell is forfeited. For all breeds, catching a bird will result in a 5 point penalty as well.

11. A handler is considered a professional if he/she has accepted money for training a dog, accepted money to guide with a dog, is a guide or an owner of shooting preserve, or competes in multiple tournaments and MAY NOT enter an amateur division. The Head Marshal reserves the right to deem a participant as a tournament hunter.

12. The only exceptions to rule #11:

  • If an amateur division handler has the same dog win in their division 2 times, then that handler and dog combination must then run in an open event.
  • An open division handler will be allowed to run a dog 3 years of age and younger in the amateur divisions. (Proof of age may required)

13. Any judges, scorekeepers, bird planters, etc. competing in the chukar challenge may not enter their competition field within 2 runs prior to their own run or be a bird planter for their division. 14. All hunters, judges, scorekeepers, bird planters, etc. must sign a liability and promotional release prior to running or working in any event.

15. Field Judges will explain boundaries before qualifying run begins. Ribbon or other markers will mark your field’s boundaries. NO individual/team member is permitted to pursue or shoot outside the boundaries. Hunter(s) can shoot over the boundaries, if standing inside the boundary markers. The dog can retrieve a bird outside the boundaries, but not within the boundaries of another qualifying field. Individual/team members must be inside the markers and the finished retrieve made to within the boundary markers.

16. The hunter or the scorekeeper may call a safety, but the final decision will be up to the scorekeeper. Safety is called for any unsafe condition involving injury to man, dog or property. A safe shot is always the responsibility of the shooter. If a safety is called for possible injury to a dog and the shooter shoots but no injury occurs then the safety is off and points will be awarded accordingly. If safety is called due to possible injury to man or property and the shooter shoots, it will result in a disqualification. Remember, it is always safety first.

17. If a dog points and multiple birds rise on the flush at a single location, points for one find are given. The hunter may elect to shoot the correct number of birds needed and could receive all other points if the dog performs the correct dog work. The dog cannot tell if it is flushing or pointing multiple birds, only that there is a bird at that location. If a dog re-establishes a point or a flush after a bird is shot and it is at the first location, then they will be given points for another flush or point if another bird is produced. 18. Your run ends when the number of birds released for your run in the given division have been found. (puppy-3, singles- 4, doubles – 6) or time elapses or number of given shells are spent whichever comes first.

18. Run orders may change if next participant is not ready in an event and Doubles will run in the first field to become available. More doubles many enter without late fee if time allows.

20. No shells larger than low brass, 7 ½ shot, 2 ¾ -inch will be allowed for any/allgauge guns. 21. All hunters will compete with good ethics and sportsmanship. Poor sportsmanship will result in immediate disqualification and all entry fees will be forfeited.

19. For any further clarification or questions about any of the rules, refer to the Head Marshall.

20. Safety and sportsmanlike conduct are first priorities. This Hunting Dog Competition is designed to be competitive and fun. The event objectives are “good” dog work, “good” marksmanship, a bit of luck, and lots of fun.


Open Pointing: One hunter, one dog, one 20 minute run, four chukars and eight shells per run. This division is open to anyone including professional handlers and their dogs. The dog must hold point for three seconds.

Amateur Pointing: One hunter, one dog, one 20 minute run, four chukars and eight shells per run. This division is for amateur handlers only. The dog must hold a point for three seconds.

Open Flushing: One hunter, one dog, one 20 minute run, 4 chukars and eight shells per run. This division is open to anyone including professional handlers and their dogs.

Amateur Flushing: One hunter, one dog, one 20 minute run, four chukars and eight shells per run. This division is for amateur handlers only.

Doubles: Two hunters, two dogs, one 20 minute run, six chukars and ten shells per run. A hunter may enter up to six times per event as long as his or her team member changes every time.

Youth: One hunter (12 -17) and a parent or guardian, one dog, one 20 minute run, four chukars and eight shells per run. All youth will compete against each other at each event and a parent or guardian MUST accompany the youth in each run until they turn 18 years of age.

Puppy: One hunter, one puppy, one 20 minute run, three chukar and six shells per run. This division is for dogs up to 18 months of age. You must establish whether the puppy will point or flush at time of entry. All pointing and flushing puppies will compete against each other.

Entry Fees:

$100 Open & Amateur Divisions ($25 returned to prize money)
$150 Doubles Divisions ($25 returned to prize money)
$75 Youth Division
$65 Puppy Divisions (under 18 months)

*** Pre- entry is preferred, but not required to run. If time allows in the field and the division has not ended, you are able to register with a $10 late entry fee applied.


In the Amateur & Open Divisions the winner of the division will receive 50% of the cash pot and a 1st place ribbon, the 2nd place winner will receive 30% of the cash pot and a ribbon, the 3rd place winner will receive 20% of the cash pot and a ribbon.
In the Doubles Division the winner of the division will receive 50% of the cash pot and a 1st place ribbon, the 2nd place winner will receive 30% of the cash pot and a ribbon and the 3rd place winner will receive 20% of the cash pot and a ribbon.
In the Youth Division the top three placing winner of the division will receive a ribbon.
In the Puppy Division the top three placing winner of the division will receive a ribbon.

European Style Pheasant Shooting

European Hunts Scheduled for 2017 –  $400 per shooter- 15 pheasants each and lunch and bird cleaning included

Saturday, February 25, 2017 (spots available)

-Saturday, March 11, 2017   (FULL / No spots available)

*** Contact now to reserve your spots – these hunts close at 22 shooters***

How This Type Of Hunt Works

A group gathers of 11-22 shooters, the cost is for the birds that are released only, lots of shooting, minimum walking, good times and good conversation with friends and associates in a safer environment then a walking hunt sometimes allows.

Birds come sailing towards you at speeds of 40-45 miles per hour. Easy shot you say… good luck. The lead on such a flight is sometimes as much as 2 foot in front of the bird. They come out of the center location taking flight with a challenging cackle as they climb to heights of sometimes 30-50 feet in the air and if there is any wind for them to catch in their wings, then the challenge is greater. If you enjoy a duck hunt, then this is something else you will probably enjoy without the stress of getting sea sick on the boat.

You rotate around the hilltop stations and watch the retriever team in action as you make your move to the next station. The retrievers are working to bring all of the fallen birds back to the stations to be collected and cleaned.

We take a break in the middle of the hunt to enjoy some lunch and laughs before heading back to the field to do some more shooting

The hunt is 15 pheasants per shooter. The cost is $375 and this season we are throwing in the lunch for that package at no additional cost.

There are 2 European hunts on the calendar at time.  We must have at least 11 shooters to fill the stations. $50 deposit required to hold your spot. This is refundable if the event doesn’t fill.

Sign up for one today!

Time Frame for the Day:

AM hunt = 9am to noon

Lunch = noon to 1pm

PM hunt = 1pm-3pm

Shooting glasses and hearing protection are recommended.

Shot size recommended: 4 and 6 shot high brass & Modified to Improved modified Choke for your shotgun

Typical European Hunt:

Our European pheasant shoots are in a class of their own using the time honored traditions of the Kings of Europe. Now you can enjoy European style shooting, with out paying the outrageous hunt fees currently charged in England and Spain.
Pheasants are released from the hilltop, taking flight and sailing over the stations at 40-45 miles an hour. Shooters usually shoot 4 to 5 shells at each high flying pheasant. Shot size that is recommended is 4 or 6 shot. Beretta Range Guns available for rent if needed or wanted.


  • 15 bird/person shoot is only $400 each, for a total of 165-330 birds released

Must have at least 11 shooters to make a European shoot and can take up to 22 shooters per event.
The only other fee is a $6.00 restricted shooting area license if you do not have a MD hunting license.
A catered full course hot lunch is available for $18/ plate or a light picnic lunch of a sub/sandwiches, chips and drinks for $10.00/ person provided after the shoot if requested.
* Both come with a dining area to sit and enjoy your meal.
Shoots make great corporate meetings.

Your European Hunt Package includes:
ORIENTATION MEETING -introduction each shooter / introduce dog handlers and retrievers/ course map shown and first station drawing / shooter safety talk.
TRAINED RETRIEVERS – Located around the course will be dog handlers who will make every effort to retrieve all your down birds. These gun dogs are amazing to watch!
RINGNECK PHEASANTS – We offer a per shooter packages of 15, 20 or 25 birds. Since there can be up to 22 shooters, the total release will be 150 to 500 birds. The total harvest divided by the number of shooters. Typical hunt is the 15 bird package.
BIRD PROCESSING – Birds are breasted and packaged for your convenience at no extra charge.
Some shooters have shot as many as 5 1/2 boxes of shells per shoot. Most shooters should bring at least 4 boxes of shells. Of course, this will depend on which package you purchase. Shooters will wear shooting glasses, rotating at least 5 times during the shoot, giving all hunters a shot at the “hot” stations of the day.
We keep a waiting list for each shoot. Once the lists reaches 11 shooters we will have the hunt locked in the schedule. Each shooter on the list will be called and informed of the upcoming shoot. A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your name on the shooters list and will be deducted from your hunt cost.


Brittany Litter due April 13-18, 2018
Pairing: Smokin’Hot Oklahoma Breeze JH (Bree) and
DC AFC RJA Captain’s Heart-N-Soul JH (Cody).
Bree was bred by Rick Smith (Bird dog Hall of Fame and National Bird Dog Trainer) and owned, trained and hunted with us at Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters.
Cody is owned and campaigned by Doug Welsh, a guide with us at our preserve.
Bree is OFA Good on hips and OFA clear on eyes, Cody is OFA Excellent on hips and OFA clear on eyes. Both are loving family pets that hunt strong every time we hit the field.

German Shorthaired Pointer Litter due April 24-28, 2018
Pairing: Mason-Dixon’s Little Shot Of Brandy-JH and
Mason-Dixon Ringneck Rebel Rex-JH.
Brandy’s sire was named 2010 Amateur Gun Dog of the year and Rex’s sire was named 2005 Amateur Gun Dog of the year. Both Brandy and Rex are wonderful bird dogs, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF normal.

For all of our puppies:
Any dogs we choose to put forward are our personal hunting dogs here at Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters or dogs that we have seen and know as excellent all around dogs. They are great hunters, easy to train, obedient, correct in conformation, and super sweet. We strive to produce excellent gun dogs that will also make great family companions. Anyone with an interest in our pups will be asked to fill out a puppy application and provide references. Pick order is based on approved applications and deposit of $100 paid. We work hard to be sure that our puppies go to forever homes that understand and will enjoy the energy and talents that this breed possesses. All pups are sold with a health guarantee, a one year dog training membership with us and continued support from us as the breeder. All pups will be sold with a limited registry. The pups are well socialized, micro-chipped, up to date on all shots, wormed, paper trained, handled properly using the methods of the Smith Silent Command method of training, are taken out from 5 weeks on several times each day to take walks & be exposed to outside environment, toys, bird wings and quail. The pups are fed Purina Pro Puppy/ chicken and rice formula. $1,000 for male or female.
For pedigrees, additional information or an application for puppy if interested, please call or e-mail us @ 410-836-1800 or


Beretta Range Guns available for purchase at this time @ 10% over wholesale price. First Come First Serve on These Deals!

Urika 2 W/ KO Max4 camo -J391TE18 (12 GA)
$1,110.00 +Tax $1,176.60

Urika 2 Max4 camo  -J391TU18 (12 ga)
$900.00 +Tax $ 954.00

Tekney’s Gold- J391T36 (12 ga)

$1350.00 + Tax =$1431.00

Silver Pigeon III – J6871G8 (12/28 GA)

$2695 + Tax = $2,856.70                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


 New Bittercreek 2-Sided Aluminum Dog Box – $950

The outside measurements of the box are 45″ x 45″ with 2″ handles on each side for lifting. The divided compartments are 22″ wide by 45″ deep inside. Ample room for one to two dogs in each side. The boxes are vented for hot days and can be closed down with plexiglass side ins to keep your dogs warm on cold days. The dogs are lockable to ensure your dog is safe during travels as well.

Contact for pictures or more details. (410)836-1800 or


Shooting Instruction/ Lessons

With Don Kagle – Shooting Instructor – (410)879-3549 Shooting instructor credits: Credentials: NSCA Life Member, NSCA Master, 5x NSCA All American Vet Team Member, NSCA 2008 National Vog. Vet. Champion, 2x NSCA Zone 2 Vet Champion, 2x NSCA MD. State Vet. Champion, 3x NSCA MD All State Team Member


We are SEEDWAY DEALERS ~ Since 2008

“To be the customer’s choice for seed.”

Contact us for pricing for Wildlife/ Conservation/ Farm or Garden Seed Purchases.


Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters  –

Help Wanted -(Position Filled)

Mature applicant preferred. Salary: $8-$12 per hour (Competitive wage to be determined by qualifications, skill level, background and experience). PT on farm that is also a dog training facility that is open to the public. Applicant needs a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and motivated animal caretaker/farm assistant to attend to a variety of animals including mainly dogs, pheasant, chukar, and quail but occasionally horses, dairy heifers, chickens, cats and rabbits. The responsibilities include providing animal care, animal training and enrichment, monitoring animal health, and maintaining cleanliness of animal areas. The ability to lift 50lbs and work outdoors in all conditions is required. Good nd organizational skills and the ability to work well with others in a team environment are a must. Must be able to supply references. Days and hours worked have some flexibility. Experience working with animals is a plus. Ability to run a tractor, chain saw and wood splitter also a plus. Send resume to or call Kim @ (410)836-1800 for an application.

Youth Hunt Day @ Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters – September 16th, 2017

Mock Hunt Test – September 23rd, 2017

Puppy Training Seminar – September 30th, 2017

Rick Smith Handler’s Clinic – January 13 & 14, 2018

Ronnie Smith Dog Training Seminars – March 25 &26, 2018 (Foundation) & March 27-29, 2018

European Style Pheasant Shooting – TBA

Chukar Challenge – TBA

Dog Training Membership

Dog training membership runs annually form August to August. The cost is $240 per year and you must attain a $5 Retriever Training Permit from DNR prior to working your dog over live birds. The dog-training fields are set up separate from the regulated hunting preserve to allow for more flexible usage. The fields will be rotated to accommodate the agricultural needs.

There will be a mix of tall grasses, crop stubble, hedgerows, and hayfields. The cost of the birds will be the same as the hunting preserve prices. Dog training assistance as available if requested in advance at $45/hour. Please call in advance to reserve the field or personal training assistance.


We must have a signed hunting lease on file for each member each year.

In order to use the dog training fields, you must have your own Retriever Training Permit. This permit comes from the Dept. of Natural Resources for $5.00/each.


MD Dept. of Natural Resources
Permits Coordinator Wildlife Division
580 Taylor Ave.
Annapolis , MD 21401

Or any DNR License Merchant -OR- THe Md DNR website

The dog-training fields are set up separate from the regulated hunting preserve to allow for more flexible usage. The fields will be rotated to accommodate agricultural needs. There will be a mix of tall grasses, crop stubble, hedgerows, and hayfields.

  • $240 annually (August Renewal)
  • Additional walk-alongs – $15/person
  • Pheasant, Chukar and Quail will be available on site from Oct. 1 st through March 31 st .
  • Birds are mostly available beyond these dates and are welcome to be purchased, but possibly at an adjusted price
  • The cost of the birds will be the same as the hunting preserve prices unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Dog training assistance is available if requested in advance at $45/hour.
  • Please call in advance to reserve the field.
  • The home farm property is the dog training fields that are available. The hunting preserve property is not included in this membership.

 Call Kim at 410-836-1800 and she will go over all the details and see if the membership program is right for you.


Our facility is licensed as a training facility, therefore all dogs staying with us will be worked with to gain a training benefit of some kind. We work mainly with bird dogs, but welcome all breeds except pit bulls.

About Our Kennel:

  • Family Owned and Operated * Kennel at our Residence * *Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff *
  • Open 7 Days a Week/ Times by appointment around family schedule – Incoming and Outgoing between 10am – 5pm < Monday – Saturday &  Sunday drop off and pick up around family and church times.
  • Individual, Spacious Runs: Climate-controlled, Secure, Sanitary & Comfortable
  • Individual & Group Exercise (Group exercise with owner permission only)
  • Cots, Water Buckets & Food Bowls are provided
  • Toys, Treats and Clean Towels or Blankets from home are welcome
  • Personalized Training Sessions available for Field Training, Collar Conditioning, Trained Retrieve and Basic Obedience at a rate of $45/hour or a prorated fraction of that cost.
  • Bath available with boarding for $20
  • Special Diets are Catered to * Medications can be Administered – It is recommended to bring your own food to maintain normal diet, but we feed Purina Performance formula and will provide that feed at $2/ day/ dog if needed.
  • Every dog that stays with us will be worked with twice every day as a part of our standard procedure within our kennel. We are a training facility and work to ensure that the dogs are provided with fitness training and manners to allow for a relaxed and quiet environment. A dog that is exercised is happier during their time away from home.
  • We do close on the following holidays to enjoy family time uninterrupted: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We provide upland game hunting as it used to be in the good old days. We have pheasant, chukar and quail which we release on our farm per your request before your arrival. We are hunting over a 350 acre crop and dairy farm. Our farms include a terrain mixed with natural rolling hills, flowing streams, tickets, wooded area and medium grasses. We only allow one group on the farm at a time.

Hunting Preserve Prices –

All prices subject to change at any time. Please verify. Hunting season is from October 1st to March 31st.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve a date and is refundable only if cancellation is prior to the release of birds. Effective as of August 2013.

Field Use/ Unguided-cost per group up to 4 hunters- Not per person – (for people with their own dogs to use)

  • Half day field use = $110 + cost of birds
  • Full day field use = $180 + cost of birds

Guided cost per group up to 4 hunters-Not per person ( Guide and Dog Service for people that do not have a dog of their own to use)

  • Half day with guide & dog $130 + cost of birds
  • Full day with guide & dog $ 220 + cost of birds

* The above fees are for either Field Use or Guide and Dog Service, Not Both.

Cost of birds

  • Quail = $ 8.00 each
  • Chukar = $ 15.00 each
  • Pheasant = $ 25.00 each

 * You are only charged for the birds released for your hunt. If you shoot more than you released, those are bonus birds for your day.

Half Day Hunts: 8:00AM-11AM and 1:00PM-4:00 PM

Full Day Hunts: 8:00AM – 4:00 PM 1 hour for lunch & (2) 15 min. breaks

Weekday hunts are available for any start time after 10AM. If earlier is needed, please call for special arrangements.
Bird Packages Available
Basic: 13 Pheasant or 21 Chukar or 40 Quail or Mixed bag of  4 Pheasant + 9 Chukar + 10 Quail for $325.00

Deluxe: 17 Pheasant or 27 Chukar or 50 Quail or Mixed bag of 7 Pheasant + 10 Chukar + 11 Quail for $425.00

Deluxe Plus:  20 pheasant or 32 Chukar or 60 Quail or Mixed bag of 9 Pheasant + 12 Chukar + 12 Quail for $500.00
** The above prices are for bird packages only. This does not include the field use fee or the guide and dog services fee. Field use fee is for those persons with their own dogs, guided hunts are for those persons needing our guide and dog service. You are only charged for one or the other of these fees, not both.

A valid Maryland Hunting License, an RSA Permit or Military License allows you to be legal to hunt on our Regulated Shooting Preserve. See below to obtain proper licencing prior to coming to us to enjoy a great upland game hunting day.

Effective As of Fall 2012 Hunting Season – Due to Federal cutbacks, the printed RSA permits that we have always had here at the farm are no longer going to be printed. We are working on a solution to have something available to be purchased on site for convenience. As a solution, please go to MD-DNR website to purchase online.  We are very sorry for the change and the inconvenience.

Regulated Shooting Area Requirements

A Regulated Shooting Area (RSA) is a tract of land on which the licensee may release and shoot captive-raised mallard ducks and certain other game birds. Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters is an Regulated Shooting Area (Preserve)

How to Apply for a MD Hunting License or RSA Permit to hunt the Preserve

Order Your RSA Permit, Retreiver Training Permit, Hunting or Fishing License ONLINE – The
online COMPASS portal gives you 24/7 self service access to our entire product catalog of recreational licenses, permits and stamps; off-road vehicle registrations; magazine subscriptions; and donation options in support of your favorite DNR programs. Before Using COMPASS….

1.     Check your Web Browser!
Your best experiences with COMPASS will be with the most current versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you do not have a compatible web browser, COMPASS will tell you. Please do not ignore this notification and upgrade your web browser to one of these.

2.     Have a Valid Email!
Each customer must have a unique email address as this becomes your username for future logins to COMPASS, but your license will be emailed to you 30 minutes after purchase. You will be presented with the ability to print instantly after purchase, but we want to email you a copy to avoid reprint and replacement fees. Plus, you may want to keep a copy of your license on your smart phone.

Additionally, during the account verification and enrollment process, COMPASS will send you an email asking you to verify your email and activate your account. You must act on this email prior to purchasing any licenses. This is our final step in verifying your identity and the validity of your email address.

3.     Check your Printer!
Before attempting a purchase through COMPASS, please verify your printer works and you have the necessary free software to view our licenses. Try printing a sample license for good measure and you will be successful when it counts. If you are a new customer, select either “I’ve never purchased a license from DNR” or “Create a New Account.”  Then, complete our 5 step customer enrollment process. The last step of new customer enrollment is the validation of your email address and activation of our COMPASS account. After you enter your email address and password, COMPASS will send you a verification email to the email address you provided. This verification e-mail will ask you to click on the provided link. When you click on this link, DNR will validate your email address and you will receive your license as a PDF file 30 minutes after purchase.

Enrollment is a one-time process. – Once enrolled and verified, you will see your Home page and can purchase licenses and manage your account. Get Tutorial.If you have purchased a license in the past 3 years, you will access COMPASS using your date of birth and one of the following:  Previous license (to reference the license number), or ·  Driver’s license number At the COMPASS portal, select ‘Use Identification and Date of Birth’ to verify your information migrated over from our legacy systems and activate your COMPASS account. Upon confirmation of your email address and password, you will receive a verification email requesting you to click the provided link to activate your COMPASS account.This allows us to validate your email address as active so you will receive your license as a PDF 30 minutes after purchase. Enrollment is a one-time process. Once enrolled and verified, you will be able to purchase your licenses. Get Tutorial.

If you purchased a license during the COMPASS Pilot (March 2012), you can access your account using any of the following:  Login (registered email) and password; or ·  DNRid number and date of birth; or · Previous license (to reference the license number) and date of birth; or ·  Driver’s license number and date of birth; or ·  Social Security number and date of birth

At the COMPASS portal, select either ‘Use my Login and Password’ or ‘Use Identification and Date of Birth’ to access your COMPASS account. You should see your Home page and be able to purchase your licenses, download and print applicable forms and obtain a new DNRid card.

***Gratuities are always appreciated, but never expected.


*BIRD CLEANING AVAILABLE WITH ADVANCE NOTICE. ($1.50/ Quail & $2.50/ Chukar, Huns and Pheasant)

**Each individual is responsible for their own safety at all times**

Personal Recommendations On What To Bring

*Comfortable walking boots. * Shell Vest with game bag. * Blaze orange article of clothing * Rain Gear * Light, quick handling shotgun ( We have Berettas to rent if you don’t already have a shotgun of your own)

Suggested shot size

*Pheasant: Magnum or Hi Power 4, 5, 6, 7-1/2  *Chukar & Hungarian Partridge: Field or Game load 7-1/2, 8, 9   *Quail: Field or Game load 7-1/2, 8, 9

Shells are sold at the lodge, if you happen to need some. We generally have a nice supply of 12 gauge shells. Please call to check on the availability of other sizes.

We accept All logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.



Hunting Preserve Location:

Mason-Dixon Rd., Pylesville, MD

Near intersection of Mason-Dixon Rd. and Anderson Rd

Latitude-Longitude : North 39.4315.26 West 76.2819.65