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Dog Training and Boarding Facility

Our facility is licensed as a training facility, therefore all dogs staying with us will be worked with to gain a training benefit of some kind. We work mainly with bird dogs, but welcome all breeds except pit bulls.


About Our Kennel:

  • Family Owned and Operated * Kennel at our Residence * *Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff *
  • Open 7 Days a Week/ Times by appointment around family schedule - Incoming and Outgoing between 10am - 5pm (Monday - Saturday) & Sunday by appointment around Church and Family schedule. 
  • Individual, Spacious Runs: Climate-controlled, Secure, Sanitary & Comfortable
  • Individual & Group Exercise (Group exercise with owner permission only)
  • Cots, Water Buckets & Food Bowls are provided
  • Toys, Treats and Clean Towels or Blankets from home are welcome
  • Personalized Training Sessions available for Field Training, Collar Conditioning, Trained Retrieve and Basic Obedience at a rate of $45/hour or a prorated fraction of that cost.
  • Bath available with boarding for $20
  • Special Diets are Catered to * Medications can be Administered - It is recommended to bring your own food to maintain normal diet, but we feed Purina Performance formula and will provide that feed at $2/ day/ dog if needed.
  • Every dog that stays with us will be worked with twice every day as a part of our standard procedure within our kennel. We are a training facility and work to ensure that the dogs are provided with fitness training and manners to allow for a relaxed and quiet environment. A dog that is exercised is happier during their time away from home.
  • We do close on the following holidays to enjoy family time uninterrupted: Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Training and Boarding Rates:

Fitness Training Program: This is provided with daily board rate of $25 per day per dog. 2 or more dogs from same family can stay for $25 for the first dog and $20 each additional dog. This is offered to all breeds. This includes 2 walks each day and any medication at no additional charge.


Field Training: Monthly rate is $750/ month plus birds. A 3 month program is recommended for steady to wing and shot. To add this training to the daily Fitness Training Program is $45/ hour or $22.50/ half hour, plus birds if needed for training.


Collar Conditioning or Obedience Training: To add this training to the daily Fitness Training is $45/ hour or $22.50/ half hour. 


Private Lessons: Done to train the owner to train the dog. $45 per hour, plus birds if required for training being done.


 Dog Training Membership: $240/ year running August to August each year. This is to allow members the area needed to come out and train their dog on their own. This is for bird dogs and non-bird dogs. See more on this on our website.

*** DOGS IN HEAT upon arrival or that go into heat while boarded with us will be charged an additional $10/ day for the extra precautions and effort required in that situation***

Our Requirements:

For the safety of your pets, other boarding animals, customers, and staff, please secure your pets on a leash or in a carrier when bringing them into our facility and upon departure.

We only accept healthy pets current on vaccinations.

Any pets arriving with fleas or ticks must be bathed and have Frontline Plus administered at the owner's expense. If any signs of worm infestation, this too will be treated immediately at owners expense.

It is best to bring your dog’s food with you to avoid digestive upset due to sudden change. We feed Purina Performance Formula feed at our facility. If you have forgotten to bring your own food, we will provide food for your dog at an additional $2/day.


Please be prepared to furnish us with verification of vaccinations. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure these vaccinations are done well in advance. Pets are required to be current on the following inoculations in order to board with us:

DHLPP, Rabies & Bordatella If you need to update your pet's vaccinations, we recommend doing so two weeks prior to arrival. We suggest that the bordatella vaccinations be administered annually and no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival.

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters is supplied with updated vaccination records for each pet. Please be aware that there is a $5.00 surcharge if we must call your veterinarian for verification of vaccinations. Bring your records upon arrival or expedite your check-in time by faxing them to us at (410)836-1800 or mailing them in advance.

If your pet needs medication: Please package each type of medication in its own baggie & label each with 1) your pet's name, 2) the name of the medication, 3) the dosage, & 4) administration instructions.  


Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters Dog Training Membership dues-

We have come to the end of another  hunting season and the summer dog training sessions will be on a roll soon here at Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters. We had Ronnie Smith Seminars at the end of March (www.huntsmith.com ) or (www.ronniesmithkennels.com) and we have the dates listed below for the summer dog training sessions.

The Dog Training Membership runs from August to August. If you are interested in this membership simply e-mail, call or stop by and we will take care of you. If you are looking to get started over the summer months, we can pro-rate your fee and let the fun begin sooner.

Dog Training Memberships

(410)452-8472 or (410)836-1800


We must have a signed hunting lease on file for each member each year.

In order to use the dog training fields, you must have your own Retriever Training Permit. This permit comes from the Dept. of Natural Resources for $5.00/each.

MD Retriever Permit


If you train or test in Maryland (Hunt Tests and Field Trials), as a matter of information, even though Maryland Game Wardens have been very cooperative in the past, Maryland law does require each handler to have: 1) either a Hunter Safety Certificate or current Maryland Hunting License and 2) a Retriever Training Permit.  Follow the link for on-line purchase of this $5 permit and a full explanation.




The dog-training fields are set up separate from the regulated hunting preserve to allow for more flexible usage. The fields will be rotated to accommodate agricultural needs. There will be a mix of tall grasses, crop stubble, hedgerows, and hayfields.

  • $240 annually (August Renewal)
  • Additional walk-alongs - $15/person
  • Pheasant, Chukar and Quail will be available on site from Oct. 1 st through March 31 st .
  • Birds are mostly available beyond these dates and are welcome to be purchased, but possibly at an adjusted price
  • The cost of the birds will be the same as the hunting preserve prices unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Dog training assistance is available if requested in advance at $35/hour.
  • Please call in advance to reserve the field.
  • The home farm property is the dog training fields that are available. The hunting preserve property is not included in this membership.

Rick Smith Handler's Clinic

Dates are January 7 & 8, 2017 - Make it a New Year's Resolution to Handle Your Bird Dog Better!


Rick Smith, a mentor and friend is being inducted into the Bird Dog Hall of Fame (Grand Junction, TN) in early February. Rick, his dad Delmar, cousin Ronny and brother Tom have developed and taught the Silent Command System around the world. Many champion dogs have been trained with this system.

There are no prior seminars required for this clinic although it would be best to have an understanding about the silent command system of training. Rick will be working with each person to enhance the training that you have to best handle your dog. The seminar will be tailored to the needs brought forth with the individuals within the group.

4-10 persons in the clinic, The cost is $800. We will be taking $200 deposits to secure a spot in this seminar. It is a first come first serve basis and we will have to close the student number at 10 to ensure personalized attention to all participants.

Please feel free to contact Rick Smith @ (804)784-3882 for questions about the clinic and

Kim Lewis @ lewis4@mindspring.com or (410)836-1800 to sign-up, get directions or find the nearest hotel. Checks can be made payable to MDGO.

See pictures from the January 19th and 20th, 2014 clinic with Rick Smith @

Ronnie Smith Dog Training Seminars

Guaranteed If You're Not Happy, You Don't Pay! If, at any time during the seminar or after, you are not completely satisfied, simply ask for a refund and it will be given, no questions asked.

Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters will be hosting seminars with Ronnie Smith:

FOR 2017:  

Foundation Seminar ($395)- March 25-26, 2017

Intermediate Seminar ($795) - March 27-29, 2017 

 See: www.huntsmith.com for more seminar dates and details. 


Summer Training Sessions:     *** 2017 TBA***

  • All classes will be at least 2 hours long or will maintain until we can end each student on a successful note.  
  • Each lesson will have at least 2 trainers and possibly up to 4 trainers working together to keep everyone engaged.
  • We will run each class in small group sessions with some yard work training or problem spot work and then some bird fun.
  • Cost- $60 per dog for instruction time and 2 birds. (If more birds are needed to make your dog successful that will be an additional charge)

  • Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • We can handle a few walk-ins, but prefer for you to let us know if you are attending so that we can have help and birds lined up for the day.

Summer 2016  Schedule: 

 Saturday, May 7th : Foundation (10-12) / Intermediate (1-3)

Saturday, June 11th: Foundation (10-12) / Intermediate (1-3)

Saturday, July 16th: Foundation (10-12) / Intermediate (1-3)

Saturday, August 13th: Foundation (10-12) / Intermediate (1-3) 

 Puppy/Foundation group

Young dogs need the opportunity of exposure to birds in the field to develop their inherent prey drive.
At the beginning of training the dog may require a month of PUPPY DEVELOPMENT. This ensures a
young dog is excited about birds and has learned the basics of how to utilize his instincts. This level
elevates the dog's intensity of prey drive and readies them for the formal stages of training.

The FOUNDATION LEVEL begins formal training by establishing Points of Contact on the neck and
flank. Through the use of the points of contacts conditioned responses are taught, thus shaping
behavior or in some cases re-shaping undesired behavior. This is also when work is begun on the
dog's natural retrieve.


  • We introduce the pups to the chain gang, command lead, the long line and birds, birds, birds.
  • The one big bonus for the pups on this group session is that they are building prey drive by watching the other pups work through the field and seeing the birds fly in front of them from each pup that is working.


Intermediate/Advanced group


The INTERMEDIATE LEVEL transitions a dog from mechanical cues to remote cues in the field and
ultimately verbal commands are overlaid to the conditioned response. At this level dogs are
becoming steady on game, learning to honor another dogs point, and quartering on cue.

At the ADVANCED LEVEL, dogs are reaching the point of learned behavior. They learn to work scent
in adverse conditions, how to look for and recognize backing situations, mark and hunt dead,
retrieve, and take direction and go with you in the field.


Mock Hunt Test - Saturday, September 17, 2016

To help take the big mystery out of how to be successful in a hunt test and encourage new participation in the hunt test events, we will be offering a mock hunt test at the Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters on Sunday, September 17th: Starting at 10am with run order being Juniors, then Seniors, then Master level runs. We will be judging and advising from horseback to allow you and your dogs to gain the most realistic experience possible. It will cost $40 for Junior runs and $45 for Senior and Master runs.


All Test levels will be single course with birdfield.


Junior Test will be blank pistol only. All test levels should carry a blank pistol. If you do not have a blank pistol, we will have one available to rent @ $5/ run.


Gunners will be available for the senior and master levels


Quail to be released in all levels.


All interested persons may let us know by Wednesday (Midnight) that you are coming. Run orders will then be emailed and posted to the Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters Facebook page on Thursday.


All Pointing Breeds/Dogs Welcome


Please read the rule book for the test you are interested in participating. It can be found on the AKC website. 


We may have to cut off participation if the number of entries are too many to run before 5pm. (This will be a 9-5 event)



Mason – Dixon Game Outfitters and Training Kennels

Puppy Development Seminar

  October 2nd, 2016 (10am - 3pm) with 1 hour break to get lunch

This is a seminar to teach you how to develop your puppy's behavioral patterns. Conquering behavior at a young age means a better behaved dog later. Working through the steps in this seminar will prepare your dog to listen to orders so that you can train him successfully. Puppy Development I will review six opportunities to gain your dog's willing acceptance of restrictions which are necessary in training. This willing acceptance behavior will be demonstrated in six sections - Crate Conditioning, Care, Maintenance, Table Work, Puppy Drag Line, & Stake-Out Chain.


Puppy Development II continues the focus on conquering behavioral patterns in your puppy. It reviews four opportunities to build your dog’s enthusiasm for training. Before you can begin formal training, your dog Puppy Development II continues the focus on conquering behavioral patterns in your puppy. It reviews four opportunities to build your dog’s enthusiasm for training. Before you can begin formal training, your dog must be successfully introduced to the Field, Birds, Retrieve and the Gun.


Introduction to the Field


Your dog must become comfortable and confident in the field before you can move forward in his training. Taking short walks with your pup will make him familiar with the types of terrain where you will later be hunting.


Introduction to Birds


A key component to developing a hunting dog is to create enthusiasm for birds and conquering their prey instinct. Practicing with birds will further develop his senses of smell, taste and touch.


Introduction to the Retrieve


Some dogs are natural retrievers but most can be taught to retrieve. Don’t ask your pup to retrieve anything too big or too heavy. It is important to reward the retrieve action to make it fun for your dog.


Introduction to the Gun


Once your dog has become familiar with birds and retrieval, you can begin introducing the gun. Shooting should begin gradually and from a distance until the dog is comfortable with the noise and does not lose concentration on the bird. We will discuss options for your puppy’s gun introduction.


Please bring your puppy and join this fun learning experience.


Seminar Cost:

Handler and puppy - $100



Mason-Dixon Game Outfitters

2200 Channel Rd.

Pylesville, MD 21132

(410)452-8472 or (410)836-1800



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